14-Day Challenge to laying the brick road to your personal brand. 
I have a very important question for you...
Ever felt that if you just had a road map... a step by step old school road map that says START HERE, set out for these mile markers, then you'll be on your way to becoming a successful brand and business owner?

Do you KNOW deep down that now's the time to GO ALL IN with who you were meant to be?
If so, I know EXACTLY how you feel...
Why Join This Challenge?
You might be wondering, "What can I accomplish in a mere 14 days?" Great question.

I don't know if it's because I'm a creative, but I crave a visual explanation for business success. Show me where I am, then show me where I can go... and lastly, tell me what I need to do TODAY to get there.

Pretty please? I hear you my fellow lady boss, so get ready. 

Throughout my 20-year entrepreneur journey, I have taken both the roads over-traveled and those less traveled to bring you this secret road map.

I've conquered my own roadblocks of "What is unique to me that I need to share with others?" 

I've struggled with negative self-talk, lack of motivation, inaction, overwhelm, and everything else that comes with non-productivity. Can you say ... loss of fuel?!

Now, with the mile markers I am unlocking in this challenge, I've helped thousands of women accomplish a personal brand transformation that brings them the joy and confidence to take the right actions in their business every day.

How? Because when your daily decisions are rooted in the values of your brand, you will always be confident in your actions.

In this 14-day challenge, you are going to pull out my secret road map and get to work on your personal brand.

You are going to transform your dusty dirt road into a reliable highway, and we are going to lay bricks one by one.

You will know what business is the best for your brand, how to share your authentic story effortlessly, and how to take action with pure faith, positivity, and confidence.

Above all, you will learn how to stay in your lane. 

Your personal branding road map to success in business and life STARTS HERE.

This challenge was created to equip you with the road map to navigate building the foundation for your unique personal brand that  will bring confidence into your business and your life about WHO you are and what value you have to offer!

In these 14 days you will...
  • Determine Your Core Interest
  • Show Up As Your Authentic Self
  • Tell Your Story
  • ​Have Consistent Visibility
  • ​Choose The Right (Business) Vehicles
  • ​Maintain A Positive Attitude
  • ​Take Action
  • ​Have Faith And Confidence
Overcome feeling lost on your life's journey to business ownership and success. START here to lay the foundation for your personal brand LIKE A BOSS!
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I'm Kristin Korn
A Brand Strategist who helps women build an effective personal brand for their business, which allows them to stay authentic to who they are as they start, strengthen, and scale their business long term.

I offer e-learning resources to strengthen your personal brand within my courses, downloads, free content, and my personal social media channels.
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