INTRODUCING: The COMPLETE Blueprint for cutting Through the Social Noise to grow your brand and your business.
"Finally! How To have a powerful, attractive, and consistent personal brand that will increase Your visibility and influence"
  • Stop flying under the radar and instead put you and your brand front and center in the mind of your audience.
  • ​Start standing out against the thousands of other business owners out there who offer similar products as you.
  • ​Learn how to share more about your personal brand in an authentic, yet purposeful way to attract the right audience.
  • ​Free classes can only take your business so far, trust Kristin's expertise and direction for your own brand.
Yes! I'm ready to have a powerful, attractive, consistent and visible personal brand, increase my attraction to open new opportunities, and gain confidence to share effective content!

According to an article by, of all Internet users, 65 percent see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies. That's a higher level of trust than any other online or offline source.

From: Kristin Korn
RE: Personal Branding

Dear Business Owner (that's you!),
If you want to share useful and authentic content, create an attractive brand, or even if you want to build a growing business, then this is the most crucial letter you'll read all year! Seriously, it is. :)

Here's why...
because to stand out in today's social-world building a strong foundation for your personal brand is non-negotiable if you want to witness a gradual growth in your digital footprint! And isn't that why you stumbled upon this page in the first place?


Here's how and why I can make you this promise...
My name is Kristin Korn and I am an expert on Personal Branding.

I've taken everything I've learned from my experiences as a marketing director in the corporate world and from building my own businesses from scratch over the last 20 years and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step visual learning blueprint that not only teaches you branding strategies, but the actual EXECUTION so you can do the same.

This self-study course is going to give you everything you need to build a personal brand from scratch that you are proud of in just five weeks!

After training over 200,000 entrepreneurs the basic branding strategies needed to shift their mindset and take their business to the next level, to the hundreds of students who've completed my branding course, I'm ready to help you grow your brand and business next ... even if you've fallen off the branding wagon in the past... This is your time!

You want to make sure you are starting with, and leaving behind, a good impression and by understanding the importance of branding you can define your personal brand and how people perceive you.
• Clarity is key to personal branding. By being clear on who you are and who your ideal client is you are more likely to convert your prospects into customers
• Time is money and the less time it takes you to set up the foundation for your personal brand the more money you will save

• You'll skip past all the hours of individual research and go right to implementing proven strategies to grow your brand

• You'll know exactly how to plan your social strategy in a way that becomes less overwhelming

• You'll have the confidence to share your authentic voice as you make real connections with your niche audience

"Too many people are unfocused when it comes to press and coverage, trying to be"everything to everyone." Decide what your key message is and stick to it." - Forbes

• As you become an expert in your niche and share freely you will not only find your authentic voice, but more confidence
• When you can control the quality of content and the perception of your brand you can stand tall and proud of who you are becoming

• When you have a compelling personal brand, you speak authentically and your visual language is attractive ... people find you interesting and desirable
Branding for Beginners Blueprint is a full step-by-step implementation course for business owners, bloggers and influencers that not only shows you exactly how to build a personal brand from scratch, but how to deliver your content in a strategic, yet authentic way. Cut through the social noise to grow your audience and attract new business while building a strong, lasting and profitable brand and business. No marketing or creative skills required.
You get all of this for only $497 $297!
  • CORE OFFER: Branding for Beginners Blueprint Online Course ($4,997 Value) This online 30+ video course makes it a snap to build your personal brand from scratch so you're able to implement the blueprint so you can attract new business and use a social strategy that preserve your time while growing the value of your content and the strength of your brand.
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
  • BONUS #1 Branding for Beginners Blueprint Workbook ($3,997 Value) This 70-page interactive digital workbook is your key to use the training lessons to create your own brand so you're able to easily implement the branding strategies inside the blueprint videos and have all the cheatsheets and lessons printed right in front of you to ease any overwhelm with what to do next.
  • BONUS #2 The Entrepreneurs's Guide to Stand Out And Build Credibility ($1,497 Value) These two video lessons, with secret tips and tools, give you the keys to set the stage for the foundation of your brand so you can put up the best first impression every time and feel confident by having a professional social account and feed.
  • BONUS #3 Graduate Lesson to Brand Board Creation ($1,497 Value)  This video + worksheet lesson provides the creative how-to to bring your new brand to life in visual format using Canva, the popular online platform. The transformation you'll witness after you finish this course provides visual proof you have a fully active and consistent personal brand that you'll be proud of.
Real Value: $11,997
And yes… there’s a 60 Day Guarantee for the course!

If you don't feel as the information you learn inside the 30+ videos and 70+ page workbook provided in the course were worth your investment - based on the results you generated over the first 60 days, show me you've put in the work, and I will refund your investment. Just signup and test me out. If I’m not your mentor, no harm, no foul, ask for a refund. But if you’re like my other students, this can literally be a new beginning for you as you master personal branding.
Because I'm super excited to see you commit to your branding strategy so you can see immediate and long term growth, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in Branding for Beginners Blueprint - TODAY - at the special promo price of just... $497 $297!

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"...the course was perfect for my learning style."
"Kristin's Branding for Beginners Blueprint has helped guide my business to represent my own brand and purpose and not just be a copy and paste of someone else's. The visual step by step training she uses in the course was perfect for my learning style. My background is HR so this whole online marketing approach for my new business was out of the box to me. I'm now confident my personal brand has the consistent outward professionalism that I was trying to demonstrate on my own and struggling with. Trust Kristin Korn, she knows her stuff!"
HR Professional, Business Coach and Direct Sales Rep

"Her courses are always money well invested."
"I've been attracted to Kristin's branding style for years so when she started offering courses I was the first to enroll! I love her teaching style and how authentic she is. It makes it so relatable to me as a business owner that I too can grow my audience the way that she has hers. When you are a consultant in a sea of 300k reps, you are silly not to go about your marketing in a way that makes you stand out from the rest. Kristin has pushed me in so many ways to step outside of my comfort zone and every time it pays off. Her courses are always money well invested."
School Administrator, Business Coach and Direct Sales Rep
" brand is becoming so focused..."
"Branding for Beginners Blueprint Course is exactly what my new nutrition company needed! I love how Kristin really breaks down the basics and I loved the downloads! I really feel like my brand is becoming so focused and stronger with each lesson as a strive to reach my niche client like Kristin teaches us how to do. Anyone who owns any type of business can benefit from this course!
Nutritionist and Direct Sales Rep
Hey there!
I'm Kristin Korn
A Brand Strategist who helps women build an effective personal brand for their business, which allows them to stay authentic to who they are as they scale their business long term.

I offer e-learning resources to strengthen your personal brand within my courses, downloads, free content, and my personal social media channels.
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