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How to turn followers into CLIENTS using Instagram
Inside this training video + worksheet I'm going to teach entrepreneurs how to sell using Instagram and turn followers into clients.
  • Convert followers into fans
  • How to grow your email list
  •  Why Instagram isn't your end game
  •  The right types of bio links to use
  •  The 80/20 Rule for call to action requests
P.S. I'm not going to promise you more client leads by just using a bio link. The foundation for your personal brand MUST be the top priority. I am saying that this is the way to get your followers onto your email list and onto a platform you control. Doing so, YES, can then lead to more profits from Instagram.

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I'm Kristin Korn
A Brand Strategist who helps women build an effective personal brand for their business, which allows them to stay authentic to who they are as they scale their business long term.

I offer e-learning resources to strengthen your personal brand within my courses, downloads, free content, and my personal social media channels.
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