Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Build Visual Brand Consistency 
Yes! I'm ready to stand out, build consistency, and increase my authority!
I Understand That When I Act Now, I will receive a personalized "Logo Design Portfolio" designed by Kristin Korn for my brand, which includes:
  • Five color brand palette of your choice with hex codes (Valued At $297)
  • Three custom logo designs using different color combos from your palette (Valued At $1,997)
  • Two on-brand font names so you may use them in your custom graphics and website (Valued At $197)
  • ​Over 18 total digital png logo files ready for watermark placement and overlay on images (Valued At $1,997)
  • ​Private online portal for communicating with Kristin makes it simple to bring your vision to life (Valued At $97)
  • ​BONUS: Styled Digital Brand Board as shown that finalizes your personal brand vision (Valued At $97)
  • ​BONUS: Design Guide for Inspiration full of popular logo styles and palettes (Valued At $97)
  • ​BONUS: Online Portfolio Access to view from portfolio from the cloud (Valued At $97)
I understand that the regular price for all this is $497...

But, when I act now, I can bring my brand identity to life sooner, and get everything for only $197!
To Your Success,

Kristin Korn

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get your own "Logo Design Portfolio" is another minute you may never become a recognizable brand without a consistent brand identity. Put the power of a "Logo Design Portfolio" to work for you so you can quickly and easily stand out, build consistency, and increase your authority!

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Building Your Personal Brand Logo
What inspires you? I love to browse stock images when determining my brand. I look around at the decor in my home? The hues most purchased in my wardrobe? What images capture your attention, and why? How do they make you feel?
Color Palette
Color psychology is meant to GUIDE your choices, not RULE them. Certain colors evoke certain emotions so what palette describes you? The palette you select for your brand says a ton about your without ever speaking. 
Not sure what palette fits your personality? Take my color quiz to find out! CLICK TO START HERE!
Font Style
The typefaces you choose (and the effect they make) will frame the way your brand communicates visually. Which means that it's important to choose fonts that match your brand voice. The fastest way to make a design look unprofessional is to mess up your type. So let's get this right.

Have a question? Send KRISTIN a message. CLICK HERE.
Hey there! I'm Kristin Korn
A Brand Strategist who helps women new to the entrepreneur space navigate how to build their personal brand in an intentional way that allows them to grow their business and stay authentic to who they are.

I offer e-learning resources to strengthen your personal brand within my courses, downloads, free content, and my personal social media channels.
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