branding and business trainings:
The COMPLETE Blueprint For Cutting Through The Social Noise To Grow Your Brand And Your Business. A complete online course for every business owner who wants to have a Powerful, Attractive, Consistent and visible Personal Brand.
The ONE THING you must master in order to grow a business in today’s social environment. In this FREE one hour Masterclass Livestream Learn How to build a reputable personal brand on the internet that will keep you relevant and resilient over time.
If you're a Business Owner who wants better results with Personal Branding but you struggle with wasting time doing it all wrong then you need "5 Secrets to Personal Branding on Social Media" to use popular pull marketing to grow your business.

Inside this 14-Day Challenge, you learn how and why to build a brand, not just a business. This STARTER road map is full of practical steps to enhance your business and personal brand.

Resiliency is the ONE skill that every Entrepreneur must master in order to ride the waves of business ownership. Grab Your Free Video + Cheatsheet here on 5 Ways to Become Resilient. 

instagram trainings:
Discover The Selling On Instagram Secret;
How to turn followers into CLIENTS using Instagram. Free training video + worksheet.

Inside this FREE training video + worksheet I'm sharing 10 "Fails" That Can Save You BIG If You Want To Build A Real Following on Instagram.

Created by Kristin design options:
This personalized brand identity portfolio includes three custom logos with 18 final logo files ready for download. These elements give you the keys to build your brand reputation as you establish an impression in the mind of others. You will be able to create a visual language that appeals to the senses of your clients and increase your attraction using a consistent brand identity.
Visual language for your entire media mix branding strategy. A Library Full of Gorgeous photographs, styled stock images, and graphics to effectively tell the story of your brand. 
This FREE Styled Guide reveals how to stand out in a densely crowded marketplace using styled images, especially for e-commerce business owners like yourself.