• How do I know you pick and pop in front of the mirror?
  •  How do I know you cry behind closed doors so your kids and husband won’t see you so depressed?
  •  How do I know you turn down invitations to hang with girlfriends?
  •  How do I know you wake up before anyone else in the house so you can get your makeup on before anyone sees you?
  •  How do I know you journal every food you put in your body in hopes it’s some easy tweak you’re missing?
  •  How do I know you google every home made remedy in hopes something may work for you?
  •  How do I know you stopped taking selfies with your kids because you can’t stand looking at yourself without editing your blemishes in a photo app?
  • How do I know?? 
  • ... Because I’ve been there.

I've lived your life...  and I still remember every pain, every tear, every day my confidence was lost due to acne and the scars it leaves behind.

I cried behind closed doors. I hid in my house because I didn't have enough self confidence to walk thru our neighborhood with my family in chance I'd have to talk to a new neighbor. I stopped taking selfies with my kids because I hated my face. I declined invitations for happy hour with friends because my acne was flared and 24 hour foundation couldn't even 'fix' it. I've lived the lowest period of my adult life because of acne. Leaving me praying for a cure.

I hid it so well from those closest to me that even at the lowest point my husband didn't even know about my depression.

I've learned the INS and OUTS of acne and cystic acne over the last 8 years since having children and I now know God put me thru those self-struggles so that I can help the many others who cry out for help too! 

ACNE PLAIN SUCKS! A pimple here and there is a breeze to those of us who battle cystic acne and sores. It beats you down day after day and I GET IT!! I could hide my acne photos and pretend acne never happened to me but who does that help??? I'm here to help you.

This page is designed to give you everything I know in my battle book to help adulting with acne. I share everything from the skincare the products I use, my exact bathroom routine, what goes on my face - what doesn't, and every other tip in between.

NO ONE deserves to live with acne and the plummeting self-confidence that comes with it. 

❤️-Signed, your foundation-free and acne-free survivor and friend, Kristin Korn 
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As part of adulting with acne I MUST control everything that comes in contact with my face. Using everyday washcloths are too harsh for my sensitive, acne prone skin. But using a cloth does help with removing dead skin cells and makeup. In the evening before bed I wash my face with WATER and this special makeup removing cloth.

I DO NOT use any cleanser on my face. I simply add lukewarm water to this special cloth and remove every trace of make and residue.
If you just can’t say no to that sun-kissed glow like me your safest bet is to fake it with sunless-tanner and protect with SPF from head to toe when outdoors. 

For the last 7 years I've applied Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tanner once a week. In the winter it's only applied to my face, arms, and neck area but when spring hits I apply it to my entire body.

I can get 4 full body applications from one bottle.
Everyday Acne hacks
everyday acne tips and hacks
I NEVER put my phone to my ear. I only use speaker option or ear buds.

I switch out my pillow cases for clean ones every other night.

I try not to let my kids or allow my hands to rest or touch my face.

I take these beauty vitamins daily!

I keep my stress level as low as possible my keeping my to-do's highly prioritized and not allowing too many big projects on my plate at once.

I do not use make up brushes to apply any sort of BB cream or foundation.

My Cystic Acne Story
My first cystic acne experience came while pregnant with my second child. I've always had very sensitive, acne prone skin with occasional flare ups before children but nothing like this. 

Pregnancy hormones and stressful financial situations had me in a bad state as I mention above in the introduction of this page. In the before photo (October 2013) was when I became pregnant with my second child. She was born June 2014 and the after photo was taken 4 months after her birth. 

The products used are mentioned below to battle this deep, cystic acne during that year.
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2014 - present
Kristin Korn Spotless Results
Adulting WithOUT Acne
Although the majority of my cystic acne had passed, since 2014 my skin would still occasionally (period/time of the month) breakout (as shown in the before photo). Not to the point of depression like before but to the point of being VERY annoyed that at the age of 38 my skin would have acne and makeup was needed everywhere I went. 

When Rodan + Fields released another acne regimen (February 2019), this time specified for teens and young adults I knew it was something I MUST try even though I was out of their target age range. THE BEST DECISION! I started using Spotless in February 2019 and within 2 weeks my skin was completely acne clear and has stayed that way. The photo you see here is from me TODAY (June 2019)

I follow a very precise routine that I share above that works for me. I have had more confidence in the past 90 days than I ever have had about my skin! With a 60-day money back guarantee on products there is no reason not to try this Spotless Regimen at any age.
  • Rodan + Fields Spotless Regimen CLICK FOR MORE INFO
  •  I use this regimen in the morning and night (see my routines above) 
  • Rodan + Fields Microdermabrasion Paste CLICK FOR MORE INFO
  •  I use this sugar and salt scrub on damp skin 2-3x week in place of my regimen cleanser in the morning
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